Sir Catboy

The end!!

An epilogue…? Well, Merlin certainly can’t turn Arthur into a “cat-man”, but the catboys do get set up with their own modest, hidden-deep-in-the-forest castle to lounge around and nap in. Maybe there are other catboys as well? Maybe they’ve turned all their cat friends into catboys and -girls and -nogenders as well. Maybe a knight of the Round Table will one day accidentally find this place…

The end of Sir Catboy is also the end of ASC for a while. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading ASC for the past two years I’ve been making it! I’m moving on to a different comic and a slightly different genre with Dead Love an erotic, t4t gothic horror comic about hottys and vampires. It’ll start updating sometime in June!

If hot, 18th century transsexual vampires is your jam, you can hop over to help me make it on Patreon, or you can tip me some Ko-Fi!

Again, thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading Sir Catboy as much as I did making it, and I’ll see you again in a few months with something brand new.