Sir Lionel


So hey, you can support this on Patreon and I’m now using Ko-Fi gold which means you can send me recurring monthly payments over there using PayPal! And you can get bonus content for it even! Fuck! I’m still working on getting everything up over on Ko-Fi for supporters (this week was bad & I almost didn’t get my pages done for the week, much less manage to do some extra stuff, so forgive me for not having it up yet.)

And hey, if you can’t support ASC with money, tell a friend about it! Surely you know someone else who is horny for knights edging the shit out of each other. Due to erotic comics being, well, erotic, they’re barred from a lot of comic sites, advertisement opportunities, and even from using PayPal over on Patreon, so it’s much harder to get support and grow the readership. It would mean a lot to me if you tweeted or tumbled or just irl told a friend about ASC and how much you’re enjoying it! This doesn’t just go for me either; if you want queer erotic stuff to exist and continue existing, please help out the creators in spreading the word! Or giving us a dollar a month. Both are very cool.