Sir Lionel

Notes (Historical and Otherwise)

castle – the castle that appears here is Chepstow Castle in Wales, which I’m doing my best to recreate as our Arthurian Camelot (god it’s hard to recreate ruined castles though.) Camelot is meant to be just where the real Chepstow is, as well, in Monmouthshire right on the River Wye. Just how Arthur attains Camelot is going to be addressed in the rest of Chapter Three in the main arc, once we return to that.

music – now, I can’t read music, and I can’t write in Medieval musical notations, but I did my absolute best to transcribe the (treble) opening of Björk’s Blissing Me in the first few panels there in a way that looks at least sort of medieval. Blissing Me isn’t a Medieval song at all, but it is a really beautiful song with a harp, and in fact there’s a harp-only version too, so it’s sort of fitting. Especially since the first few bars there accompany the lyrics all of my mouth was kissing him…