Chapter 3



First things first: I’m now doing horny NSFW drawings at the $5 level over on Patreon. Tell me what you wanna see get done to Merlin and I’ll draw it.

So, that’s it for this update! As a super quick note before I move on to the end credits, Merlin and Arthur aren’t talking about gender here, but about humanness. Yeah, my dudes. It’s gonna get weird here in a bit.

But before it does, I’m taking some time off from this storyline and am jumping 10 years in the future to give you an erotic one-shot about Sir Lionel, a sweet twunk of a knight whose name is Lionel because he’s got a lion-shaped birthmark on his [redacted].

here’s our sweet boy Lionel. his character design has changed a bit since I’ve done this, but it’s still a good preview for what’s to come

It’s going to feature: hot knights, hot knights kissing, a hot knight getting tied up and kissed and… maybe a bit more… whatever happens, though, it’s finally going to be some bona-fide Arthurian SMUT and I am so excited.

Also it’s going to have to be posted smack dab in the middle of chapter three, so sorry for the forthcoming continuity issues with that. It will probably be updating weekly with 2 pages until it’s done instead of ten or so pages once-a-month!

Before I exit with my thank you’s, there are a bunch of really cool comics out there that I like & have been reading lately and you might like as well. Give em a read and plop into their Patreon if you’re feeling generous.

Banquetcomic | Patreon – this one’s about some gay shapeshifting hell beasts raising a human son together. Bernard is like… super hot too. The NSFW Patreon tier is so, so worth it because he’s so hot. I’m really enjoying the fuck out of this gay hotty boy.

Altar of Pinecomic | Patreon – this one’s about a sailor who gets into witchcraft. It’s got really beautiful watercolours in lovely palettes. It’s one I’m really really excited to keep reading and see, like, just how all this witchy shit goes down. If you’re specifically into my Merlin and all his long hair and occulty tattoos… go read Altar of Pine. And give the artist some $$$ so it can keep going!

Hogarth Hangedmancomic | Patreon – holy shit it’s a fucking dead gunslinger weird old west comic. And it’s one of those where the style is so achingly fitted to the subject and the story that it’s just SUCH a joy to read. I could read hundreds of pages about this dead dude wandering around this desert.

Life Outside the Circlecomic | Patreon – ridiculously cute and really funny, it’s about a guy moving waaaaay out into the Finnish countryside and… falling in love. With another guy, of course. 10 stars!!

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