Chapter 3


mewn cachiad – this is a Welsh idiom that means “in a shit”, which means to do something quickly. I’m not really sure if I’m using it here right (I will do many things for this project but learning Welsh is not one of them) but it seems conceivable to me that you might yell “yeah yeah I’ll be there in a shit” at someone banging on your door. If it’s wrong it’s wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also that is all for this mini update for October! I wish I had more than 6 pages to give you right now, but I took some time off for my birthday towards the beginning of the month which made me a little later with the whole thing (not to mention I did a lot of this update out of order…. I have 12 pages finished but there are gaps!) There’ll be another mini update sometime in November to finish off what’s meant to be the entire update. 

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