Chapter 2


Well, that’ll do it, folks. Arthur is going to be the next High King of England and it only took us 93 pages to get there. A 93 pages of my life I’ll never get back for sure!!

Nah it’s been a good time though. Thank you so much to everyone over on Patreon who keeps me and this project going. You help keep food in my belly and research books on my shelf! If you liked what you’ve read, you can hop on over to Patreon to become a patron too, I’d really appreciate it. It only takes about a minute to enter your bank account details (sadly no PayPal pledging on this, since it’s NSFW) and then you can access tons of extra content and behind-the-scenes stuff for the comic! I’ve been writing about medieval occult magic lately and we’ve got monthly polls to help build a character even! Hot damn. If PayPal is more your style, you can drop me a Ko-Fi tip and get access to some behind-the-scenes art stuff. And as always, keep telling all your gay and/or medieval-loving friends about this comic. I don’t advertise anywhere and the word of mouth super helps.

Chapter Three is gonna be bonkers, folks. I’m really excited to finally enter a part of the story where I get to flex my creative muscle a bit more and bring some real Häxan flavour to the thing. We’re talking more occult magic, more shape-shifting, and Merlin’s going to shoot lightning out of his ass at someone*. ABRACAFUCK YOU!!

Thanks again folks and I’ll see you next month!



*he isn’t, but fan art of this is encouraged