Chapter 2


Well, I for one am just shocked. Who would’ve thought he’d go and do the damn thing? Really, it’s riveting stuff.

On a serious note, though, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported ASC up to this point: Albatros, Licky Tim, Busface, Wolf Pack, Tech Deck, Espadrille, Prestige, Gravy, Corduroy Moistguns, Slurp Slurrp, Moretaint Johnathan, Lunch Box, Breathless Mittens and Banjo*, you’re all fuckin stars. This comic wouldn’t be happening without the support of its patrons. If you want to get in on the gravy, you can hop on over to the ASC Patreon to check out all the cool bonuses, inside scoops and polls you get to vote in, even at the $1 level (and it gets even better the higher you go!) It only takes a few minutes to put your info in and help ensure that ASC keeps getting made. If you want to support ASC with PayPal (since ASC is NSFW, PayPal pledges get rejected over on Patreon) you can buy me a Ko-Fi! Ko-Fi support is rewarded with a link to a secret page on the site here filled with some behind-the-scenes stuff. Nice.

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Thanks all again, and I’ll see you next month!

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