Chapter 2


Some of the dialogue on this page has been edited since it was first posted. Originally in the second panel, Arthur spouted some garbage that pitted the church against astrology in a very black-and-white and modern way, when in reality, astrology was far more of a well-respected science of its time that coexisted with religion. I made the original blunder out of stress; this was a difficult scene that I’m still not happy with, but what’s drawn is drawn, and there’s only so much fixing I can do of it. To present such an inauthentic idea really wore on me, though, so I did my best to change his dialogue to represent a more accurate mindset. Perhaps it’s still a bit odd, I’m not entirely sure; the Bible does warn against any man who claims to know the future, that is, the will of God, especially soothsayers, so the priest at Comloyal has a valid point. However, Arthur saying that the stars hold the secrets of heaven (and thusly God) is close to a lot of views of Medieval occult magic, and presents the right kind of mindset we need to understand the intersections of religion, astrology and magic in the comic.